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How to Get Started

The goal of the Procurement Office is to obtain the highest-quality products and services at the "least total cost" in a timely manner with the best possible customer service and support.

Contact a Procurement Representative via email

Making the initial contact with the appropriate Procurement Team member is a critical first step to successfully participating in MGE's purchasing process.

Although we have an open door policy at MGE, we strongly recommend that you contact the appropriate Procurement Team member and schedule an appointment prior to visiting. This will guarantee the availability of the Team member.

Vendor Application Form

If you are a new supplier to MGE, you MUST complete a vendor registration form and W-9 prior to any transaction with MGE.

Regulations, Policies, and Terms & Conditions
MGE is expected to maintain auditable records that comply with all gaming regulations and applicable purchasing policies. As a potential vendor, you should be aware of the applicable gaming regulations and purchasing policies.

Learn more about MGE Regulations, Policies, and Terms & Conditions.

What We Look For in Potential Suppliers

Purchasing is responsible for providing procurement leadership, coordination, and strategy for all of the organization's departments. Purchasing's mission is to enhance the organization's long-term profitability and growth by:

Identifying and developing a managed, consolidated SUPPLY BASE of financially viable, efficient, and technologically advanced suppliers who are involved in the development and delivery of products/services and linked to their suppliers as well as the company through supply management agreements.

MGE is interested in establishing business relationships with suppliers who:

  • Quality: Are committed to providing quality products, customer service, support, and responsiveness.
  • Savings: Continually look for ways to help MGE lower costs.
  • Innovation: Are willing to work toward continuous process improvement.
  • Technology: Take advantage of technology to maintain a competitive edge and add to their capabilities and responsiveness.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will maintain a positive and professional working relationship with current and potential vendors using a "partnership" approach to vendor relations.

Information: We will provide you with as much information as possible on our processes and customer requirements.

Fairness: Provide fair and equal treatment to all vendors for the opportunity to participate in the procurement process.

Feedback: Provide feedback regarding performance, changing business requirements, and other business issues.

Authorized Purchasing Methods

MGE's financial policy requires that all purchase transactions be conducted using an authorized method of purchasing (Purchase Order, credit card, or specific contract document) and in accordance with the company's procurement procedures. Shipment of products to MGE, or services performed by a supplier without prior receipt of purchase order number, credit card number, or contract will be considered a gift to MGE without any additional obligation on part of the company.

MGE will authorize a supplier change to an original purchase order via a formal purchase change order notification. No change to an original purchase order shall be initiated by the supplier without receipt of prior written approval from MGE's Procurement Department.

On rare occasions and for good cause, MGE, by written notice stating the extent and effective date, may terminate a purchase order in whole or in part for the seller's default, if the seller refuses to comply with the provisions of a purchase order or fails to make progress so as to endanger performance and does not cure such failure within a reasonable period of time, or when deemed to be in the best interest of MGE.

Suppliers may provide demonstrator or loaner equipment for the purpose of evaluation and/or examination by a MGE department. This is done entirely at the option of the supplier, with no commitment to MGE. An official no-charge purchase order is to be issued to document the evaluation process.

Substitutions of items specified in a MGE purchase order by the supplier are not permitted without prior written approval from the Procurement Department.

All formal contracts and/or agreements must be presented to the Procurement Department for review and approval by an authorized person within MGE. Under no circumstances is MGE staff permitted to sign any supplier document (contract and/or agreement).

Leveraging MGE's Buying Power

The Procurement Department has been authorized to negotiate and implement company-wide supplier contract pricing agreements that will provide the organization with "least total cost" for products and services required from external suppliers. These formal supplier contracts have been negotiated to take advantage of the company's significant buying power. Contract suppliers are expected to offer their "best possible price" to MGE and offer the agreed-upon contract pricing to all departments.

Formal company-wide contracts are awarded to suppliers that can satisfy MGE's business requirements while providing value, service, and support to our staff. The Procurement Department and contract suppliers work collaboratively to market the value and benefits of each new contract. This marketing effort focuses on "marketing acceptance" of new contracts by meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Delivery of Products

All deliveries are to be made to the MGE's Central Warehouse location unless otherwise specified in the ship-to address of purchase order:

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort — Warehouse Receiving
873 State Route 37
Akwesasne, NY 13655

Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm. Saturday deliveries are available by appointment only! Call 518.358.2222, ext. 2509, for appointment time.

All shipments require a packing slip and the packing slip must reference MGE's authorized purchase order number. Any shipments that do not comply with this request may be refused by warehouse staff on the loading dock at the vendor's expense.

Supplier Payment

MGE's standard payment terms are "Net 30 Days" from date of the invoice. MGE will attempt to take all prompt pay discounts offered by supplier. The preferred payment method is by check. Other payment methods may be specified on purchase order or in contract agreement. All suppliers' invoices and written correspondence must be sent directly to:

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino
Accounts Payable Department
PO BOX 1179
Akwesasne, NY 13665
518.358.2222, ext. 2432

The supplier invoice must contain the following information:

  • A valid authorized MGE purchase order number
  • Complete description of the product or services
  • Quantity delivered
  • Unit price and extensions
  • Prompt pay discount (if offered)

If you have any questions regarding the MGE procurement process, or would like additional information, contact the Procurement Department at 518.358.2222, ext. 2414, or email Business hours for purchasing services are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm.


We welcome potential suppliers and hope the information contained in this Supplier's Guide will help you better understand how purchasing is conducted at MGE. We would like to thank you for your interest in the Mohawk Gaming Enterprises, LLC. and hope that we can establish a mutually beneficial business partnership.