Mohawk Casino


Title: Vendor Licensing

Gaming: Any company whose business is directly related to Gaming requires a Letter of Suitability from the State of New York before they can do any business with Mohawk Gaming Enterprises LLC. If the purchase relates to a functional component of gaming operations, the vendor status is confirmed before committing to the purchase. No purchase may be made, nor processed, while the Gaming License is pending. This process usually takes many months and has a fee of $2,000 that is payable to the State of New York. If the purchasing office is unsure whether the purchase falls under the Gaming definition, they will contact the Tribal Gaming division for clarification.

Any Gaming-Related Vendors wishing to do business with Mohawk Gaming Enterprises, LLC. are required to submit the appropriate Gaming Supplier Registration “GSR” application to the Tribal Gaming Commission. Tribal Gaming will not commence processing application without prior written letter of intent from the department head wishing to establish a business relationship with the applicant. Once application is approved by the commission, MGE will be notified by the gaming commission that the vendor is approved and can be utilized in procuring gaming-related products.

Gaming-Related Vendors are required to adhere to the tribal internal control standards applicable to the goods or services provided.

Non-Gaming: Non-Gaming vendors may be required to submit a GSR application if total annual purchases exceed $50,000 but only when deemed necessary by the Tribal Gaming Commission.

Standard Terms and Conditions