Mohawk Casino



Suppliers for Mohawk Gaming Enterprises, LLC. (DBA Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort) are an integral part of the overall success of the company. MGE and their suppliers make decisions that impact the company’s ability to provide quality products and services to its customers. The Procurement Office is responsible for identifying and contracting with supplier partners who provide consistently high-quality products and services. Potential suppliers can learn more about our business requirements, policies, and procedures by accessing the provided links. It is important for potential suppliers to learn how to partner with us to meet our business goals and to fulfill our responsibilities.

MGE’s “Supplier's Guide” documents the principles, guidelines, and expectations for establishing and maintaining a business relationship. A key component of the purchasing process is the interaction with suppliers. MGE’s success in these interactions is built on our ability to maintain the highest level of integrity in the purchasing process and commitment to having business relationships with suppliers who share the company’s dedication to conducting business in a legal and ethical manner.

All suppliers are expected to understand and comply with the “Supplier Guidelines.” Suppliers are strongly encouraged to contact a purchasing representative with any questions relating to the appropriateness of any activity or to provide an overview and further guidance on applicable company policies.

MGE appreciates the contributions that suppliers make toward the success of the company and looks forward to continuing supplier relations designed to ensure a mutually beneficial business relationship.