Mohawk Casino

$20,000 Avalanche of Cash

Winter brings with it a unique set of challenges, especially for those of us living in Upstate New York. Snow and ice make travel difficult, and we're all too familiar with the feeling of being constantly bundled up against the cold. But tonight, there was a different kind of anticipation in the air. Tonight we were watching out for an avalanche, a $20,000 Avalanche of Cash!

The excitement was noticeable as guests gathered on the casino floor, waiting to see if their names would be called. With 24 prizes up for grabs, ranging from $250 Slot Play to an impressive grand prize of $8,000, there was no shortage of reasons to be hopeful. And with many guests having taken advantage of the 15X entries on Tuesdays, the odds were better than ever.

One by one, names were called and prizes were awarded. Family, friends, and fellow guests cheered and congratulated winners as they claimed their prizes. And finally, the grand prize winner was announced: a lucky guest who had earned entries throughout the month and was now $8,000 richer! Congratulations to all of our winners in tonight's $20,000 Avalanche of Cash Giveaway!